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My Favorite Potholder


Suede Mitt Potholder from Jane Domestic

• $29

As it is the season to turn on the oven, and to haul out your heavy Dutch oven and enameled baking dishes, let me revisit my favorite potholder — capable of manhandling these workhorse pots and pans in and out of the oven without a scratch. Meet my favorite potholder: the suede mitt from Jane Domestic.

This suede mitt is another level of protection. I don’t know about you, but I have had tons of really subpar hot pads and oven mitts — they soak up water, develop hot spots, and get holes. If I had a nickel for every burn I acquired thanks to my cheap-o IKEA potholders letting me down, well, I’d buy you a drink.

This oven mitt is more expensive, yes, but it has been going strong for me for nearly two years. (Read my original review here.) When it gets dirty I just throw it in the washing machine (I wash it in cold water) and air dry. Easy.

And the material keeps me safe from burns; I’ve hauled around so many cast iron skillets and heavy Dutch ovens with this mitt, no extra protection required. It folds easily around pot handles, and I can use it as a regular potholder or slip my hand inside to use as a mitt.

It’s a product I love so much — I thought it was time to revisit and tell you that it has not only held up beautifully but makes me covet a second or third, so I can get rid of all the lesser potholders in my drawer.

And the best news? It comes in black now! Very chic.

(Image credits: Jane DomesticFaith Durand)

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Jane Domestic