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Holiday Kitchen Must-Haves


The holidays are nearly upon us and we know that means cooking, cooking and more cooking! Here are a few kitchen must-haves that will make your time in the kitchen more efficient!

VMatter KnifeWhether you are a gourmet cook or are a big fan of the microwave, everyone needs a really good knife.  The LiquidDiamond Series knives are made with one of the hardest alloys on earth and is ultra sharp. This knife is durable and made to last and will make holiday chopping much quicker (and more enjoyable!).

BELLA 2 X 2.5QT Linkable Slow Cooker System Are you in charge of side dishes? These units can be used individually or simultaneously with a single power source and are the perfect size to make several of your famous sides and dips. Also great to take with you to a holiday potluck!

Casserole CarrierBringing your scrumptious stuffing or sweet potatoes to Thanksgiving this year? This carrier is perfect for transporting all your favorite dishes because it keeps the food hot and your car clean from messy spills. It’s easy to clean and for an added bonus – it looks classy too!

Carrington Farms’ Liquid Coconut Cooking Oils  How about saving some time by not having to slice or dice garlic or rosemary? These new cooking oils are liquid coconut oil infused with garlic, rosemary or Sriracha. Yes! All the benefits of traditional coconut oil but without the flavor or odor of coconuts!

Suede Mitt  This will not only be the most stylish oven mitt you’ll ever have, it also has a dual purpose. It’s a hot pad and an oven mitt without the bulkiness of a quilted oven mitt. It’s pliable, super efficient and did I mention super sleek looking?

COOKINA® Cuisine Reusable Baking Sheet  I would be shocked if you didn’t bake at least once (or multiple times) during the holiday season. This reusable baking sheet goes on top of your cookie sheet and leaves no mess. Nothing sticks to it and it’s easy to wash.

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